Pilates can benefit athletes in all levels of sports.  Many top professional and college athletes rely on Pilates as part of their weekly training.  Pilates programs can be customized to address the needs of youth and adult athletes of all ages and abilities.

Kim is currently training athletes in who participate in the following sports:

  • Golf
  • Varsity High School Dance Team
  • Ballet
  • Varsity High School Basketball
  • Varsity High School Track
  • Tennis

Make an appointment to schedule a class in your Northern VA or MD location to conduct a Pilates for Golfers Clinic.  This two-hour clinic will help Golfers really understand why Tiger Woods is such a cut above of the field.

The session will highlight dozens of key stretches and strengthening exercises that, with practice, will help golfers hit the ball straighter and 20-30 yards longer.

The two hour clinic costs $99 per person. Each participant will receive a 65 minute DVD, Hole in One Pilates, which will help participants recall and reinforce key exercises from the clinic during home participation.

A swing coach to one of the greatest player's in the game today, reports that Pilates for Golf helped him add 25 yards to his long shots!

Don't miss out.  Contact Kim Stackman at 703-608-3029 or Kim@Pilates247.com to get your clinic setup today.

A specific program can be designed to meet your sports needs.


Dancer on the reformer w/Kim  --  Lax Player on the wobble board


A gymnast working advanced moves on the reformer -- Golfer on the Chair