“Never the same class twice”
“Master of the human anatomy”
“I absolutely love, love, love her”
“We, your acolytes, are addicted!”

NV: I feel MELT is making subtle changes in my body. I can tell the more I practice the easier it is for me to relieve pain and make my body feel more balanced. I have Morton's Neuroma in my left foot which is a painful condition. When I MELT my feet, they always feel better.

FC: I particularly enjoy the way that we work simply in the body and that there is no pressure or pain during the whole MELT process

SG: When I "Melt", I feel like I have opened spaces in my body that are constricted by day-to-day living. Lying on my back on the roller relieves pain I wasn't even aware of in my back body. I look forward to "Melting" each day!

A picture is worth 1000 words...here is a painting presented to Kim as a thank you for MELT. Many, many thanks to my client Amy!

The painting shows how I feel during class~ I come to Kim's studio all bound up, tight and tense. And then, through the stretches, everything begins to release and relax, leaving me calm, instead of tense. The feeling in my body completely transforms during class and I always feel so much better when I leave.

The painting is just my way of thanking you for introducing me to MELT and helping me learn the process. I really do think it has made such a huge improvement in my life. I am so thankful that my friend told me about MELT and that I found you. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher and for helping me learn this! It has really made a difference in my life. So, thank you!!!

NH: My hips are indeed very tight and locked due to the congenital malformation of my hips and childhood surgeries. I have always had some hip and lower back pain and it got much worse after I gave birth one year ago. I also had neck pain due to working with computers daily. 
 - I have been searching for some relief with simple intervention. I was just lucky to find out about your MELT class. Your MELT class was just what I was looking for to help me get some relief of the daily pain and to fit into the my busy daily schedule with work and taking care of a toddler.
 - After the first class, I felt immediate lightness and smoothness from my lower back area and the joints although it is kind of subtle feeling. Interestingly, the areas we "MELT" around very much correspond to the Meridians of Chinese Traditional medicine, since I did acupuncture and meridian massage almost routinely this year which helped my problems too. However, the most important aspect of MELT is the self-treatment nature which we can practice daily, at any moment. I really appreciate your instruction to introduce MELT to me and your overall knowledge in fitness and practice is also very valuable. I would love to continue practicing MELT and Pilate in the future.

RK: I had back surgery 9 months ago and MELT was recommended by my doctor. I have attended 8 classes and while the process is gradual, I have significantly less back and neck pain. I MELT my feet at home every few days and feel this is very helpful as well.

KG: I only relax when I MELT

AG - Pilates with Kim is my therapy. She is truly a professional. About three years ago I herniated a disk in my back. Because of the pain, I stopped doing a lot of the things I love - hiking, biking, skiing--even sitting at work was a challenge. Traditional physical therapy had very limited results. I started with private Pilates sessions with Kim so I could learn the proper Pilates techniques. She explained to me that strengthening my core and appropriate stretching would be the best cure for healing my back. She made sure I was doing the exercises with proper techniques and at the right pace for my level. Week after week she was very patient with me, but also pushed me to do a little more every time.
 - After a few months, Kim declared I was ready for a group class. I started the class with confidence and with Kim always watching and correcting during the class. It is incredible how she knows what I am probably going to do wrong, and gently reminds me of the proper technique before starting the exercise. I still continue to do the private session with Kim because it is an opportunity to continue learning and improving. I've taken a couple of Kim's newer classes called MELT, and those are fabulously relaxing. I wish I could fit that in my after-work schedule as well as the other two sessions I do--maybe someday!

AL: Working with Kim has enabled me to pinpoint and then work through areas of tightness in my body. Under her guidance the MELT Method has enabled me to soothe and release my tight places in a practical and specific way.

CM: I've personally taken Pilates (private instruction, duets, Mat group) and MELT classes from Kim. What makes each of them so nice and enjoyable for me is the variation. I've never done the same routine twice, yet Kim always works all the target muscle groups in every session. Kim is extremely kind, patient, and very laid back. She's never critical and never gets frustrated with a client. She always gives each person individual attention and is very conscientious of their limitations while pushing each person to new levels of accomplishment. I have learned so much from Kim. She has taught me how to work certain muscle groups effectively and efficiently. Kim Stackman is a master of the human anatomy and I absolutely love, love, love her.

SS: - I think that Kim is a very good teacher and motivator for success. Pilates helps me with core strength and that helps me with my back issues and overall fitness. I have fewer body injury issues since I have been taking Pilates, and have been able to push myself more physically.

MM: I have been a long-term patron of Kim's Pilates teachings. Pilates has been a great benefit to my core strength and overall flexibility and wellness. This has enhanced my physical wellness and helped me to maintain a high level of play in golf. I particularly appreciate the effort Kim brings to each workout, introducing new exercises and challenging me to improve each time.

LN: I have been a student since 2008. I do Pilates Reformer class and have recently added MELT Class once a week as well. Kim is a great instructor. She knows how to get the most out of the participant and is well trained on what she presents. I find the facilities to be great and the equipment is always clean and in great shape. She is definitely someone you should consider going to if you are serious about getting into Pilates and MELT.

AG: Kim is terrific! Her superb technical knowledge is key to learning the Pilates techniques properly. I started with Kim roughly 3 years ago because I had a herniated disk in my back and could not get comfortable - sitting, standing, lying down, daily life was painful. The Chiropractor adjustments were good, but only offered temporary fixes. After twice a week sessions with Kim, my stronger core now supports my frame as it should. I can even touch my toes, which may not seem like a big deal, but I have not been able to do that for about 25 years.
- I've tried Kim's MELT sessions, and those are great too. If I had a third night free, I would happily add that to the training repertoire. I bought a MELT roller and balls, and do the exercises at home that Kim taught me. It would still be better if I could go to the classes - she's a lot of fun and makes me work hard.

LJ: I enrolled in my first Pilates class in Kim's program since ~2003, thinking I would give it a try for a semester. Her friendly demeanor, sincere interest in individualized technique, and variety of approaches kept my interest going all this time! The positive results I feel every week after my Pilates and MELT sessions with Kim have proven that it is possible to build and maintain a strong core, lower my golf score, and increase my levels of physical activity in other modes. Kim, you ROCK!

ED:: I have been taking classes with Kim for the past nine years! When I started, my body was wrecked after having two babies. My back was in such bad shape, there were times I couldn't get out of bed. Going to a chiropractor helped, but I needed to strengthen my core so I wouldn't keep hurting. When I first started, I absolutely marveled at what you were able to do and I never, ever thought I would be able to do it, but even with what I could manage to do; my back pain went away after a few months. Those early years when the kids were young, Pilates once a week was almost the only exercise I did all week - I could barely make it through the whole hour. Nonetheless, I looked forward to it all week and still do. From the beginning I marveled that your class is never the same - nine years - and it has always been something different every single week - it's amazing. You are a true pro, with a passion for what you do, which has inspired me to stick with it. Now I can do (almost) everything - I've certainly come a long way—if ever I miss a class or two, I'll start to feel some twinges in my back - we, your acolytes, are addicted! Thank you so much.

AR: I have had Fibromyalgia for most of my life. My doctors have always encouraged me to do stretches and strengthening exercise to help with the pain and through the years I have tried many forms of exercise. I have found that, for me, MELT is the one method of exercise that works best. It allows me to stretch and strengthen my body without causing pain. On an average day, my muscles are very tight and tense. There is never a point in my day where I cannot feel the tension radiating throughout my body. Sometimes it feels as if my muscles are made of cement, they are that tight and hard. But after I MELT, my whole body feels calm and relaxed. All the tension leaves my body, and for once it is just quiet and peaceful. It is the best feeling in the world for me! It really has made such a huge improvement in my life. And my doctors could tell a difference in my body and in my muscles after the first couple of sessions! I think that sums e or pain during the whole MELT process.

MJC: It was a great class, as are all of your classes. I always feel better after one of your classes Kim!

JN: I look forward to each Pilates class that you teach. You constantly change the mix of exercises to keep it interesting. Pilates keeps me toned and strong, but it also feeds my soul. I feel so good after each workout, both mind and body.