An honors graduate in 1983 from Ithaca College with honors, Kim earned a BS in Recreational Therapy with a minor in Psychology.  She worked for 20 years as a group counselor in the psychiatric field.  Many certifications and continuing education programs have enabled Kim to follow her love of exercise into a new career.  Current training and certifications include:

  • MELT Method Certified - Full Body October 2011
  • MELT Method Certified - Hands and Feet October 2010
  • Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Gold Certified Sept 2007
  • Pilates - Core Dynamics Certified Aug 2004,
  • Pilates - Core Dynamics Apprentice program Apr 2002 - May 2004
  • Pilates Mat - Certified by AAAI Nov 2001
  • Yoga Certified by AAAI - winter 2000

Kim always enjoys helping people that want to expand their exercise horizons. She is very attentive to safety and works with her clients at a comfortable pace.

Kim believes strongly in cross training to stay balanced and fit.  In addition to a healthy diet, it is important to select a mix of cardio, weight training, yoga and Pilates.  In addition to Pilates each day, Kim selects at least one activity to complete her exercise routine.  Staying well rounded in an exercise program helps prevent injury and boredom. 

Kim is proud that she has helped so many students over the years, grow strong with Pilates.  Many of her students have been with her for more than two years and take multiple classes a week. Her loyal following is a testament to her strong teaching skills, and her perceptive listening skills.

Swimming, biking, tennis, golf, skiing and water sports, are also activities Kim enjoys doing with her husband and two children. 

 Kim in a weekly instructor class at Fitness 24

         Smiling Fitness 24 instructors working out to stay fit